It is vigorous, deeper and more therapeutically oriented than usual Thai massage. Practitioner quickly rolls
thumb across muscle fiber making effect similar to playing strings of guitar... causing parts of the limbs to
twich involuntarily. As it might be rather strong experience for the receiver during the treatment, but
followed by very relaxing, energizing and therapeutic effect afterwards. Very soothing, relaxing hot herbal
compress is usually being applied at the end of the treatment.
According to Mama Lek Chaiya:

           Following the meridian lines,
        we 'arrange' the lines, using pressing,
        rotating, and squeezing techniques
        on the lines and points.

        This energizes, invigorates and restores
        balance to the entire system,
       as well as correcting misalignments,
        relieving pain and stress in specific areas.

   JAP SEN method is usualy considered as "Southern" style of Thai Massage but it is also practiced and
thougth in the North of Thailand by masters like Mama Lek Chaiya and her Nerve Touch School of Massage,
Jack Thanachai and others.
Today Thai massage is being a subject to 5 years medical study in Thailand and method of Jap Sen in mainly
thought there. The aplicants work in hospitalls treating sometimes patient with very difficult health
conditions like parkinson disease or paralysis.
JAP SEN method is also excellent remedy for all kind of sport injuries and often aplied by Thai boxers.
thai yoga massage therapeutic skwara alexander technique jap sen nerve touch energy line relax muscles tendons Mama Lek Chaiya paralis style as therapeutic and energetic method of bodywork
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                                                is a particular method of working with the energy lines, tendons and muscles. JAP in Thai means "Touch" or "Grasp", SEN in means "Lines" or "Tendons".