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abdominal detox
  -  relieses intestinal tract blockages
  -  removes knots and crumps in the abdomen
  -  helps menstrual pains,
  -  can be a remedy for infertility and impotency
  -  helps to cure various back pains
  -  improves digestive functions
  -  helps in releasig and healing emotions
  Chi Nei Tsang method is based on Taoist concept of Five Elements that is also base of acupuncture system.
Five Elements is a  metaphore used to explain universal law of exhange, interrelation and transformation all
components of Nature: Wood is the mother of Fire, Fire is the mother of Earth, Earth is the mother of Metal,
Metal is the mother of Water, Water is the mother of Wood. This pattern can be observed in changes of the
seasons of the year, geological macroprocesses as well as phisiological processes in human body - in the
relations betwean different organs and their functions.
Earth Element:
St - stomach
SP - spleen
Metal Element:
LU- lungs
LI - large intestine
Fire Ement:
HT - heart
SI - small intestine
C  - circulation
TW - tripple warmer
five elements
Wood Element:
LV - liver
GB - gall bladder
Water Element:
KI - kidney
BL - bladder
                       Abdominal Detox Massage - 
in Chinese - CHI NEI TSANG - was developed by Taoist sages of acient China. They discovered
that due to different conditions, humans develope energy blockages in their bodies,
particulary in their internal organs. That results various in knots and tangles in the abdomen.
This blockages develop as a result of negative emotions like anger, anxiety, worry,
depression etc. that cause tensions and obstrust the natural flow of Chi - our life energy force
but also due to external factors as overwork, drugs, stress, weather, bad diet, poor posture, 
etc. Very often lower back pains are associated with tensions and obscurations in the abdomen
area,  particulary iliopsoas muscle spasmatic tension.
  Chi Nei Tsang is complementary method to systems like Thai massage, Shiatsu, Reiki and
other external therapies, but its technique is different. Practitioner directly press abdominal
area's specific points that relate to internal organs while the receiver guided by therapist,
applies particular deep breathing method, assiciated with so called "six healing sounds".
This acient method brings energetic balance and harmonizes functioning of internal organs.
The result of Chi Nei Tsang session can be not only detoxifying and energizing of internal organs
but also deep emotional release. Experienced on many levells - refreshing experience bringing
new quality to ones life: