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Thai Yoga Massage course with Aleksander Skwara
In case of Thai Massage, like any other art, one can deepen their
knowledge through their entire life. It is good to study with different
teachers, but there is no better teacher than years of own
experience. The courses that I run are just small steps on ones way
to knowledge.
On the other hand, courses are excellent opportunity to work with
own awareness in a meditative, yet joyful atmosphere, shared with
other people.

Courses in Thai Yoga Massage

   Level I.

Basic level, sufficient to give 1.5 - 2 hour treatment of
Thai Yoga Massage NUAD BORARN (Northern Style).
The course will take usually 10 to 12 days and 7 hours
each. The student learns basic Thai Massage techniques in
four receivers body positions: supine (on the back), on
side, prone (on stomach) and sitting. Main energy lines
and pressure points are introduced as well as stretching
and joint activating techniques. During the course
students learn how to use their own body mechanics
properly, keep the rhythm, "feel" the pressure points and
how to relax, so the work will be effective, pleasant and
safe for the receiver and the giver equally.

The right mental attitude of the practitioner, indications
and contraindications for giving a treatment and other
important points are being discussed.

The course program is based on the syllabus course
level I and II at the Institute of Thai Massage (ITM) and
the Old Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand.
This teaching is adapted and enhanced by Alexander's
unique approach and meditations.

The material of this level is sufficient to give a satisfying
Thai Massage session but in reality it takes  time to
master techniques, therefore additional workshops or
supervision meetings are very recommended.

For giving more therapeutic oriented treatments one
might need more specific or advanced techniques
offered in level II.

   Level II

For practitioners who accomplished level I.
More therapeutic techniques are being introduced:  -
advanced body leverage and stretching positions,
- acupressure points for specific disorders (migraines,
joints pain, insomnia etc.)
- energy lines SEN treatment
Total number of days - 5.

   Level III

Different workshops of work with some specific aspects
of Thai Massage:

1. Body mechanics and intuitive work - workshop
oriented towards development of sensitivity, focus and
awareness of present moment in bodywork. Individual
approach, depending on participants needs and
conditions. Some principles like:
- how to work more effortlessly, joyful and intuitive, -
how to use more effectively own body weight and
- work with rhythm and fluidity
- saving own energy and not causing harm to oneself
during the work,
- developing sense of being connected and in meditative
state of awareness
will be subject of the course.
Course for all practitioners having at least basic
knowledge of Thai Massage. Number of days - 2 to 5.

Scripts of the workshops examples:

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Thai Yoga Massage course with Aleksander Skwara
Thai Yoga Massage
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