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Thai Yoga Massage
thai stretching
  Effects of Thai Massage:

The effects of Thai Massage can be experienced on
many levels, from physical well being to deep
emotional relieve or spiritual experience.
- Relax of muscular and neuromuscular tension,
relief of blockages acumulated for a long time in
muscles and connecting tissue.
- Increase of body's mobility and flexibility, bringing
phisical strengh, correct posture and alignment.
- Relieve of various kinds of pain associated with
orthopedic disorders like back pain, sciatica, tennis
elbow, joints and muscles inflammations etc.
- Strengthening functions of internal organs,
improved blood and lymph circulation and clear toxins
from the body.
- Relief in stress originated symptoms like insomnia,
migraine etc.
- Re-balance and harmony in the endocrine system,
emotional equilibrum, re-connection with own body
feelings and sourounding world.
- Boosts immune system and vitality, as preventive
- Improves sexual organs functioning.
- Brings inner joy, peace and meditative states of

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Thai Yoga Massage as bodywork is very effective therapy of various orthopedic disorders as
well as preventive therapy wich brings back natural harmony in energy circulation, promotes
good health and well-being on physical, emotional and spiritual plans.