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    Thai massage Schools in Thailand:

ITM International Training Massage School               - Chiang Mai

Sunshine Thai Massage School                                  - Chiang Mai
Old Medicie Hospital Thai Massage School               - Chiang Mai

Nerve Touch Massage Shool                                       - Chiang Mai                          

Wat Pho School of Thai Massage                               - Bangkok

Thai Massage Circus                                    - Luang Prabang, LAOS

Ajahn Pichest Boonthume                          - Hang Dong, near Chiang Mai 

   Friends - Thai Massage practitioners and teachers:                             - Noam Tyroler - Thai medical accupressure, huge sourse of knowledge
                                                          - Danko Lara Dadic - Traditional Thai Medicine (Belgrade)                  - Davor Haber (Zagreb)         - Itzhak Helman               - Howad Evanz (London, Mallorca), craniosacral  therapist,                               .                            
                                                                                      author of "Myofascial Approach in Thai Massage"          - Jo Lim (London), great Thai Massage Blog       - Felicity Joy (Chiang Mai, London), deep energy    .                                                 .                     
                                                                                 lines and abdominal work courses.            - Robert Henderson - energy work and spiritual healing in
                                                                                                 Thai Massage

        Sources of Inspiration: -  site about my teacher Chogial Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche and His Teachings of Dzogchen Ati Yoga - the Path of                
                                         Great Perfection - real condition, beyond any limitations. - site of Kwan Um Zen School, I have been student for many years.  - Taoist Tai Chi and Lok Hup Ba Fa of Master Moy Lin Shin.

     Yin Yoga: -   site of Paulie Zink, founder of Yin Yoga in Taoist tradition.  -  site of Paul Grilley, founder of Yin Yoga as it is mostly practiced today.  -  basic site for Yin Yoga, therapeutic bodywork of stretching and loosening the connecting tisues by yoga poses                  
                                                     performed in very slow and relaxed manner, theory and practice.

    Health related sites: -  great source of articles, movies and so on, containing information about real health issues, not
covered by mass media, like nutrition, food dangers, vaccinations, health prevention, etc. by dr. Mercola from Natural
Health Center. Very recomended! -  personal site of Jim Humble who invented Mineral Miracle Solution (MMS) - low cost mineral
solution eliminating patogenic viruses, bacterias, fungus etc that have Ph<7, therefore not harmful for positive bacterias and
human cells, truely saving life and health! -  news, articles, videos and reports on health and enviroment related issues, lots of informations
not covered my mass media. - This site by Walter Last contains a wide range of articles, essays and books that are
useful to overcome specific diseases and improve health through natural, holistic, and spiritual healing methods.  -  personal page of Bruce H Lipton, PhD microbiologist, an internationally recognized leader in
bridging science and spirit.  -  rich source of food facts and different typeas of diet, nutritious balanced diet plan to promote
good health and ensure well being.

Quick and easy home remedies - great sourse of all kind of home remedies & natural treatments.

Barbara O'Neil - Healh and Nutrition video Youtube chanell - series of excellent nutrition lectures by Barbara O'Neil.

Freedom to Health - independent, non - mainstreem health related information facebook site. Articles, lectures and tips.

     Other good things: - HEMP - the best plant on Earth, source of food, medicine, paper, fiber and much more but kept illegal
in order to maintain the power by oil and pharmaceutic corporations.    -   Katarzyna Grambo, choreographer, dancer and instructor of Contemporary Dance and Contact 
Improvisation. -  ASIA Onlus - NGO project to promote a sustainable development according to the old traditions and
cultures of the local populations, improve the quality of the health and education for the Tibetan population in the Tibetan
Autonomous Region. - Body work massage in the heart of City of London in a luxurious and relaxing
environment, for women only.  - Massage Insurance - Massage Liability Insurance Group (MLIG) provides
Massage Therapist, Massage Therapy Students, and Massage Therapy Schools with Massage Liability Insurance, through
various Massage Therapy insurance plans, Massage Marketing Materials, Massage Business Support, Massage News, and
Massage Articles.   - Ashtanga - Hatha - Medical - Yin Yoga club in Stockholm.

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