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Thai Yoga Massage can be tailored
to the specific needs of a pregnant
lady. It will bring release for her tired
body, calmness, better circulation and
will be part of her preparation for the delivery.
   First 4 weeks of pregnancy however are
not recommended to receive the treatments.
   In this type of Thai massage the therapist will avoid some of the stretches, positions and pressure points that are not suitable for pregnant and could be danger. On the other hand there will be soft and very careful work, mainly in side position, dependant on the general and specific condition of the client and on stage of pregnancy.
The typical problems associated with pregnancy are sore back, swelling and poor legs circulation, tiredness etc. Thai bodywork is excellent solution in this beautiful but difficult period of womens life.
   There is a particular set of techniques that properly educated therapist will apply. In Thailand pregnant ladys are commonly treated by experienced massuers during pregnancy and and in the period after delivery, often with aplication of the specific herbs.
Over the period of last 15 years I have personaly treated many pregnant, all of them were very happy with the treatment, had good deliveryand are happy mothers today.
Be Happy!
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