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Thai Yoga Massage
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Old people particulary need to be touched, supported and beeing taking care of.
They deserve openheartedness and attention.
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    There is vast variety of techniques and its variations in
Thai massage that can be used in individualy tailored
session. The treatment will not look like for the young,
athletic persons.
    In case of seniors the treatment will be performed
gently with careful choice of soft pressure and
manipulative techniques. This techniques are deep but not
invasive and not danger delicate seniors tissues, the
evidence shows they are affective tool to fight soreness,
stiffness and weeknes in many parts of the body like back,
legs, shoulders, neck...
    The benefits are improved circulation, better mobility
and easynes in moving, but what is of most important:
pain and stiffness release.
Thai massage can be very beneficial for seniors if performed correctly, that is in
very light manner, with care and no attempt to explore difficult stretching techniques. Seniors have weeker skeletal system, often some gegree of osteoporosis or joints degeneration like arthritis, spondylosis or spondylolitys, high blood pressure etc. However an experienced and qualified Thai massage therapist can bring lots of benefits treating cliens of golden age, through applying gentle acupressure and in some cases soft stretchings.