In common consideration, there are two main styles inThai Massage: Southern and Northern. The Southern style as thoudht at the Wat Pho temple in Bangkok is mostly focused on firm acupressure pressure and vigorous energy lines work. The Northern style is thought in mainly Chiang Mai and has more stretching techniques and slow and relaxing rythm.
   This definition however seems to be too superficial after closer observation. In fact the "style" may differ significantly from person to person, regardless what official style they practice.
It is very difficult for today researchers to difine the roots and of traditional Thai medicine, as there are very little writen sources, however some of them agree that there are two distingt streams of medical knowledge: "Royal" - official, practicesd at the royal court and "Rural" - practiced by village doctors and shamans, very difficult to cotegorize as they are based on individual experience and knowledge passed from generation to generation within the families.
In the Royal style massage practitioner uses only his/her thumbs and heels of the thumbs. Strict etiquete must be observed. The distance must be no closer then stetched arm. No stretching positions are applied and minimal body contact maintained.
In the Rural style Masseur uses thumbs, palms, arms, knees, elbows and feet for acupressure. Various stretches and lifts leverages can be applied.
Ruesi - Thai hermit, Yogi and healer.
        There are many schools and it is not my intention to mention all of them or create any type of ranking,
but simply give example:
Southern style of Thai Massage    -   Wat Pho School in Bangkok
Nortern Style:
- Traditional Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai  - founded by Achan Sintorn - the oldest Northern style
school of massage.
- Institute of Thai Massage ITM  - founded by Chongkoln Settakhorn - continues the lineage of
Traditional Medicine Hospital  Northern style.
- Sunshine School of Thai Massage - Northern style influenced by experience of Asokananda who sudied
with many masters and was pioneer in the knowledge of Thai Massage in the western world.
- Loi Khro Road School of Thai Massage.
Pichest Boonthome teaching at his home-tmple in Hang Dong
Other famous masters of Thai Massage with their individual,
               distingt way of practice and teaching:
- Mama Lek Chaiya - founder of Nerve Touch school, living in Ciang Mai lady who studied both southern and
Northern styles, expert in herbailsm, she has received many awards and recognitions over the years of her
outstanding contributions to the Authentic Thai Traditional Healing Arts. She teaches particular JAP SEN
method passed through generations in her family tradition.
- Pichest Boonthomme - one of the living legends of Thai massage. His style can be cosidered "Northern"
but in fact his aproach to the patient is totaly intuitive and technique follows the "feeling". He teaches proper
use of ones body mechanics and how to diagnose or to "feel" the patient. It is highly intuitive and based in
meditative awrareness approach. His classes lack of any structure and he does not run any official school but
all students who come to him benefit, regardless of the levell of their practice. It can be "devastating"
experience particulay for more experienced practitioners who com to him for the firs time, as they have to
very often relearn many things from the beginning.
- Mr. Senchai - bilnd massuer with many years of experience - practicing in his house, very individual and
therapeutic approach to patient. He can perform very effective and intuitive treatment that is experienced as
"strong but gentle", excellent teacher.
- Mr. Nat - another blind massuer - very powerfull techniques of hard, deep pressure and skillfull chiropractic
manipulations. Many westerners who rather prefere "strong" massage are very happy with mr. Nat
treatments. He practices and teaches at the Suppatra blind masseurs school in Old City of Chiang Mai.
- Achan Chaiyuth Priyasith - (passed away in 2004) very unique and influential master and healer, fomous
for his extraordinary technques like working from below and using clients body weight rather then his own
force, sometimes shaking very heavy person. His work used to be called humorously the "washig mashine".
Highly revered, very intuitive and spiritually deep person with extraordinary abilities to sense others energy.
Ajahn Sinchai working at his home studio in Chiang Mai
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