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Thai Yoga Massage
  Thai Yoga Massage applies unique combination of deep pressure and stretching, performed in
a slow, relaxing pace, bringing benefits to skeletomuscular, nervous, metabolic and other systems
of our body, mind and soul as well. It is based on understanding body's mechanics, its balance and natural funcionality.

     The therm "Thai Yoga Massage" is used today mostly by western practitioners who learned,
practice and respect the ancient art of Traditional Thai Massage. It is also used sometimes to
distinguish the "Northern Style" of Thai Massage which uses more stretching, "yogic" techniques
then the "Southern Style".
The reason why many practitioners today use the "Thai Yoga Massage" term is that they relate their practice to the real, ancient tradition and its origins in Ayurveda, Yoga and Buddhism but most importantly - Traditional Thai Medicine.

  Thai Yoga Massage is not merely a style of Thai
massage. It is form of bodywork where both, the
giver and the receiver benefit.
The giver remains focused on his own body centre,
aware of not creating any tension, using properly
his body weight and leverage, maintaining pure
intension, open mind and warm heart.
They both meet in the meditative state of mind.
They both experience being connected in the state of original wholeness and harmony.

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