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Thai Massage can bring benefit to wide range of people with different needs, age, lifestyle and health condition. The treatments can be performed as a therapy of various orthopedic disorders or preventilvely, promoting good health and relaxation.

As a therapy it is recommended for:
  • back pains like lumbago, sciatica, etc.
  • various joint and muscular pains, stifness, tension, strains and inflammation,
  • discomfort due to sceletonal misalignement
  • head aches, sinus, migraines,
  • respiratory problems like asthma,
  • nervousness, insomnia,
  • emotional difficulties, depression, etc.

If practised as preventive treatment it will benefit:

- everyone wishing to improve their health, physical performance, sense of self confidence, mental and emotional well being
- all kind of sportsmen and athletes as a preparation before tournament and to help in recovering after competition,
- professional and amateur dancers
- persons engaged in yoga and meditation practice
- seniors who will enjoy longer vitality and benefits of reversing ageing processes
- everyone wishing to reduce their stress level and boost their vitality and improve immune system.

- Advanced cancer
- advanced osteoporosis
- first 3 weeks of pregnancy
- high temperature
- recovery period after serious
   accidents and operations
- heart attacks
-very high blood pressure